Unethical Behavior of Financial Influencers


Dawid Lesznik


9th edition (2022/2023)


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“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” – C.S. Lewis


High yields, secret techniques, best trading signals: the abundance of marketing slogans invented by self-appointed trading experts is impressive. Sometimes for free, and more frequently for a fee, these people are willing to share their knowledge and market insights with individual investors. The fast-growing interest in investing in the cryptocurrency market and the turbulent events since 2020 have produced dozens of informal investment advisers who now form an entire industry. Bleak economic outlooks, subsequent lockdowns and more time spent online, as well as the stock market bounce-back after the pandemic low in early 2020, have created more interest in trading among new, usually young and inexperienced investors.
This new generation of market participants often lack appropriate knowledge and no longer scan classic finance books for information; nor do they seek advice from professional capital market players. Hungry for easy recipes for profit-making, they follow online channels and the websites of stock market experts who describe trading fluctuations in plain language.

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