The Prize is a unique global means for promoting awareness of the urgent need for more ethical behaviour and higher standards of integrity among young professionals in all aspects of the finance sector.

Since its establishment in 2006, the knowledge about the Prize throughout the world has been raised thanks to our partners, but also thanks to a wide range of organisations that helped us in disseminating the information on the Prize, in professional as well as in academic circles. All our partners share the vision of the importance of ethics and integrity in the world of finance and business and support the Prize, helping to promote awareness globally or locally.

Will you help to make a difference by supporting the Prize “Ethics & Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future”?

If you share our concern and you would like to help to promote knowledge of the Prize by adding a link to your website, please contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with logo or more information on the Prize.

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Strategic Partners


Strategic Partners are the most important sponsors of the competition by making financial contributions in the range of 50’000 euros per edition.

Contributing Partners


Contributing Partners sponsor the competition by making financial contributions between 10’000 and 50’000 euros per edition.



Supporters make contributions in kind or less than 10’000 euros.