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The Global Prize’s 10th anniversary provides the perfect milestone to reflect on the Prize’s journey, its key achievements and the contributions of its Strategic Partners to support a more ethical, transparent, fairer and sustainable financial industry. At the same time, it is a unique opportunity to innovate by expanding participation opportunities for young candidates, while providing new options for corporations and professional associations active in the financial sector. To celebrate this special edition, we have invited alumni to share their experience with the Prize and to provide insights on the evolving debate on ethics and trust in finance in the age of digitization and artificial intelligence.

18 June 2024, 12h-13h15 CET, online

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12h – Round Table “Milestones of the Prize: conversation with previous winners”

Moderation by Josina Kamerling, Co-President of the Jury, Head of Regulatory Outreach at CFA Institute

  • Clare Payne, winner 2006-2007, Fellow for Trust and Ethics, EY, Australia
  • Simone Heinemann, winner 2010-2011, Expert Operational Excellence, HSBC, Germany
  • Ross Murdoch, winner 2014-2015, Interim Head of Department, Enforcement and Market Oversight Division, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK
  • Julie Segal, winner 2020-2021, Senior Manager, Climate Finance, Canada

12h45 – Presentation of the 10th edition of the Global Prize

  • Virgile Perret, Observatoire de la Finance

12h45 – Keynote « Ethics and Finance: what to do with AI?”

  • Louis de Diesbach, Technology Ethicist, Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

13h15 – Questions & Answers


Technology ethicist and consultant at BCG, Louis de Diesbach examines the deep ethical implications of technology on human values and societal norms. He focuses his work and his writing on the impact that our use of tech has on our relationship with ourselves and with others. He recently published his second book, « Bonjour ChatGPT », which questions how our relationship with chatbots impacts ability to build community.