Ethics and Trust in Finance

for a Sustainable Future

The Global Prize Ethics and Trust in Finance promotes new ways of thinking about the big challenges facing the global economy and finance. As a worldwide program running since 2006, we work with inspiring minds from across the financial and academic ecosystems to conceive of new models and shape better practices that strengthen the foundations upon which we build our world.

In today’s global system, where millions unable to access the financial services need to flourish, a more transparent, more accessible and inclusive model is required and is possible. Meanwhile, growing imperatives are driving new approaches to design more sustainable systems of provision of financial services able to limit our impact on the planet. 

To mark its 10th anniversary in a constantly evolving digital environment, the Global Prize innovates by opening up to a wider range of submission formats. The competition invites young professionals and academics under 35 to submit unpublished contributions on issues related to ethics and trust in finance, either in the form of essays (3’000-5’000 words) or in the form of videos (15-20 minutes). The brightest minds will be awarded the sum of USD 15’000 to be shared among the winners.

We believe that ethics and trust in finance has a pivotal role to play in affecting a positive change in the world. Each edition we look forward to exploring bright new proposals and suggestions from a diverse group of brilliant young people.

Vision & Mission

The mission of the Prize is to stimulate innovative ideas for promoting ethics and integrity in the finance sector.

The aim is to strengthen the sustainability of ethics in banking and finance and to reinforce its implementation, especially in emerging markets throughout the world.

About Us

The “Ethics in Finance Prize” is a project of the Observatoire de la Finance (Geneva). It is organized and managed by dr. Virgile Perret as under the supervision of Prof. Paul Dembinski.

The Jury

The Jury of Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize has been delegated by the organisers with the task of selecting the most meritorious contributions from the eligible candidates and of designating the prizewinners for the Ethics Trust in Finance Prize. The Jury is composed of eminent persons who sit in their private capacity and on a pro bono basis.


Alumnis of the Prize are active across the world in business, government, NGOs and academia. Their common interest in ethics and sustainability in finance provides a bond that lasts long beyond their participation in the competition.

The 10th edition (2024-2025)

  • Who ? Professionals and academics under 35 years old
  • What ? Unpublished contributions on ethics and sustainability in finance
  • When ? Submit your entry by 17 March 2025