The Blockchain Revolution


Witold Gromala


6th edition (2016/2017)


Payments / Technology

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Is is a revolt? No, your Majesty, it is a revolution.

An exceptionally quiet and warm night – thought Louis seated in front of an old oak table covered with dozens of gold coins. Recently, he had not had much time to sit in silence and immerse himself in studying his favourite objects: coins. It would be much easier to be a simple banker, he sighed. The silence in the chamber was disturbed for a moment. His complaint was finally absorbed by the Persian carpet that lay proudly on the old floor. Obviously, there were thoughts and worries running through the monarch’s head but he did not pay much attention to them. Problems are born out of thinking – he thought. He could not understand people – those strange creatures were a real mystery to him. The world turns too fast – let’s focus on coins, solid objects that, unlike humans and their ideas, are predictable and easy to inspect.

Even though the night was calm and very warm, anxiety hovered in the air. Something was supposed to happen, something was lurking in the darkness waiting patiently to reveal its face.

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